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Licata Marina is barycentric to all reasons for spending a great holidays in Sicily

Visit SicilySicily has a long list of reasons to spend a long vacation on it. Just to mention a few of them:

  1. A long history full of Magna Grecia ruins, like Agrigento, Selinunte, Segesta greek temples, Siracusa ruins, followed by ancient Romans villas and mosaic (Villa del Casale). But you also have more recent building and areas to visit, like the ones coming from Arabic dominance, the liberty architectures style, the baroque style, the Arabic style and so on...
  2. One of the best place for food specialties - apart from the fish and the great cooking, you have cannoli, arancini, cassata, pignolata,... - and for wines. In Sicily, you have several DOP wines (Nero d'Avola, Inzolia, Grillo, Marsala, Moscato, Zibibo...), as well as traditional and advanced winehouses.
  3. You have wonderful natural places to visit, including Taormina, Etna, Marzememi, Acitrezza, Catania, Cefal├╣,...), Madonie mountains....

Licata Marina is just on the middle of all this, so you can put your headquarter here, and leave for a daily visit of all main sites of the isle. In almost a couple of hours, you get everywhere you'd like to go, and back home you still have time for a swim in the sea!

Agrigento Greek Temples

Romanic Villa Casale

Scala dei turchi

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