Licata Marina Sicily Vacation Rentals

Optional Service Licata Marina

> Sailng & School

> Berths from 4 to 40 mt

> Rent a Boat, a Car, a Bike, Scuba Equip.

> Cleaning, Babysitting

> Shuttle from Catania, Comiso, Palermo

For additional services or requests for lodging in Sicily call +39 335 226366

Sicily Holidays Rentals
Home Letting - Licata Marina

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Sicily Vacation Home Rentals

Licata Marina Home Letting

Air Condictioning, TV, Dishmachine, MicroWave Oven:   Click for pictures
Wonderful View on the Sea

Sicily Home Letting

Private Beach for our Guests

Licata Beaches

Sands or Rocks at your choice: Click for other photos

Many places to Visit

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>> Sailing
>> Driving
Prices per Day/Night
Great Restaurants, Food, Winery

Food & Restaurants

Sicily, full of specialties to taste, with great pleasure: Click for details

2.500 Years of History to Visit

Licata Marina Agrigento Temples

From pre-Hellenic areas, to Magna Grecia, from Ancient Rome to Liberty...

City Overview, the Weather

Licata Marina Overview

Berths 4-40 meters, 8 months sea season Click for photos

Low Cost
Flights to Licata

Low Cost Flight to Sicily

Catania, Comiso Palermo Airport: Click for details

> June/Sept: 34,00€ per person first 2; 17,00 € for each additional guests

> July: 38,00 € per person first 2, 19,00 € each additional guests

> August: 48,00 €  per person first 2, 24,00 € each additional guests

>Other Months: 30,00€ per person first 2, 15,00 € each additional guests.

To reserve or for additional infos Call (+39) 335 226366 or Click Here
Sunrise from the Terrace
Sunrise view, stright from your bed...